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updated 5:16 PM UTC, Feb 27, 2024

Schola fratrum-Franciscan Schools to become Brothers

Schola fratrum-Franciscan Schools to become Brothers

JPIC & General Formation Secretariat Joint Seminar for Ratio Localis
(CCMSI), Anugraha, Tamilnadu Capuchin Institute for Counselling, India
6th to 17th December 2021,

It is a collaborative initiative where JPIC member and Formators to come together and update themselves in the preparation of the Ratio Localis for India. We have 41 participants from all over India animated by Brs. John Baptist, Waldheim, Jaime Rey, Joel de Jesus, Vincent Furtado, Dolphy Pius, Charles Alphonse and other animators from India.

On 8th Br. Roberto Genuin our General Minister inspired the participants inviting them to strengthen the formative fraternities. Mornings we have three inputs each for 40 minutes and it is followed by group discussion and personal work. In the evening we have workshop on the Visitation Report by the General Formation Secretariat and discussion on themes related to Formation and JPIC. During the evening prayer time the participants are given opportunity to make an inner journey in the presence of the Lord and heal their memories with the help of the Anugraha Counselling Institute staff. It is good that we all become healed brothers who are ready to be healers and builders of humanity in Jesus name.

The JPIC Members and Formators feel the need to have common formation centres at the CCMSI level where there could be more collaboration, help from the witnessing friars and greater possibility for the intercultural learning.

Various topics like academic, fraternal formation, experiential collaboration with the JPIC, number of staff in formation, updating of the formators and periodical updating of the infrastructures were taken for discussion. The synthesis will be presented to the Major superiors for further discussion.

What was very interesting from the participants was that they were convinced that we can come together and have a better formation for the future. Presence of JPIC members along with Br. Joel de Jesus with the formators inspired members to know about the value of being in touch with the periphery. The presence of a JPIC member in each formation house can assist the formees to practice what they learn and evolve a realistic social thought for the future.

Enjoy this video prepared by the Capuchin Brothers from India based on the Ratio Theme: Come let us celebrate…!