Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 3:03 PM CEST, Sep 21, 2020

We must connect with the Holy Spirit

In his homily on the Holy Spirit, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, our Preacher of the Papal Household, reported the following inspiring thoughts that came from the interior and spiritual journey:

"Today there is much talk of renewable energy. It takes positive energy to live our lives. Some think of the Holy Spirit as a supplement that helps us. It is the Holy Spirit that brings the presence of God in Jesus alive among us. These days are days of preparation for Pentecost for us. The Holy Spirit purifies us and brings us new life. Many are looking for strength and grace, but Jesus has assured us the Holy Spirit within us that brings transformation.

We all need this strength of the Holy Spirit. Before doing other things we must seek his strength that brings the novelty.”

“Once,” says Fr. Raniero – “I preached in a village in Ethiopia. In that village people had to walk several kilometers to collect water. But one of our friars who was a sort of an expert in finding out water sources was able to identify an underground vein of water in a nearby place. At first the village people didn't believe this was possible, but after a few hours of work they found water and plenty of it. The Holy Spirit is like that, it brings us surprise, living water and life.

When we seek God's grace through prayer we can find grace.” Another example reported by Fr. Raniero was that of his home when he was a child in the post-war period. The house was located along the railway and had no electricity so the lantern had to be used to light the house. The pylon of the current arrived beyond the track and when even his house was connected to the electricity also his house had the light. So we too must connect with the Holy Spirit for a renewal in the Holy Spirit. "

Dear brothers, let us pray for each of us in these days, connecting with the Holy Spirit and asking for his life-giving strength. We also ask the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That is to begin with joy, love, peace ... (Gal 5:26), gifts that can enlarge our hearts with generosity, renewal and enthusiasm for to play our small part in our fraternity and in our world and to make this world a place of love and hope. We also ask your  prayers for the Commission for the ratio formationis which is at work in the General Curia for the final text.

Let us entrust ourselves to the Holy Spirit of God, who is first of all a spirit of Love, so that he may give strength and light to our steps.

And let it be so.

Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey Ofm Cap