Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 2:22 PM UTC, Sep 27, 2023

The Spirit makes all things new

Water, fire, light breeze are images that express the mystery of the Holy Spirit; creator and giver of life. Creates from chaos, from nothing, from mud. He rises on the side of the crucified Christ who transforms death into life; what is sterile into fertile; fear into courage; indifference into commitment; slavery into freedom. He also acts from below, from the depths; by those who do not know and cannot; from the margins and suburbs; from silence and contemplation; from the cry of the earth and from the cry of the poor. He never lets himself be kidnapped or loses his freedom.


The Holy Spirit anoints Jesus for the mission; he precedes and accompanies it; he enlightens by proclaiming the good news to the poorest; he becomes a prophet who denounces injustice and announces hope; there is a presence that constantly updates the memory of Jesus through the Church; with his strength and vitality he guides the destiny of history and the world to its cosmic fullness.

The Holy Spirit is the first formator. With his love he transforms and shapes our feelings and desires by making them similar to those of Jesus. Formation is always transformation. He makes us protagonists of our history and, without falling into the comfort of repetition, invites us to be creative. Through his seven gifts, life becomes an adventure in which the gifts received generate an abundant life for others. This is exactly the criterion: All that leads to life is of the Spirit; and not that which leads to death.

Our formation must be more charismatic and pneumatological; By opening ourselves to the action of the Holy Spirit, we receive the gifts of communion, listening, recognition of diversity and dialogue: dialogue between cultures and religions and listening to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. May the Holy Spirit make us more brotherly, more transparent and bolder. We wish you a happy solemnity of the Pentecost.

(Hearty thanks to St. Clare Sisters of Madrid for the second image)

Fra. Jaime Rey and Charles Alphonse Ofm Cap