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updated 3:58 PM UTC, Jun 28, 2022

Hymns that Inspire to know the Historical Jesus (1)

On XXVI World Day of Consecrated Life a Tamil hymn to enter into the world of Jesus

On XXVI World Day of the Consecrated Life, let us ask the Lord, the grace to live our life more fully. For that we need to know and experience who Jesus is, his spirituality, courage filled kingdom message, passion to heal and uphold the needy, creative story telling pedegogy, true love witness, dedication till the end on the cross and His abiding presence in his friends hearts giving renewal, joy and new hope.

Let us pray along with this inspiring prayer hymn. It will take you little bit to the world Jesus our Divine Master and Model. May God’s love and grace fill our hearts and the entire whole person.  Joining hands with our lay sisters and brothers, let us renew our religious commitment today. Let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with new enthusiasm and passion to witness God’s love and goodness through our lives. Pray for us also.

Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey OFMCap, General Secretariat for Formation

Meaning of this lovely hymn:

I ask a boon to you Jesus; To desire you I ask a boon from you
Owner of peace and lasting bond; To desire you today and forever I ask for a boon (2)

1) I desire your love that searches after me like a mother

I desire your burden bearing sacrifice like a thunderbolt protection system (2)

I desire your maternal lap that stops my eyes tears.

Seeing my heart’s pain your eyes well up, I desire that affection of you; I desire

2) I desire your words that console and give me life

You asked me to live and you proved it by your life example, I desire your humility (2)

You became a source of the rising of many those who have fallen, I desire your courage (2)

You injured yourself up to the cross, you were holding on to your principles, I desire; I desire

(Heart felt thank to Fra. Michele Mottura for the Italian correction, fra. Joseph Palliparambil for the above image, thanks also to the composers of this hymn and to MLJ Media)

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