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updated 2:39 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2024

The resurrecting grace, love and optimism of Jesus

The origins and horizons of Franciscan joy are found in encountering Jesus. The Easter experience – the encounter with the Risen One – leads one to a life open to all. It gives us the strength not to give up on the dream of a fraternity of brothers who go about the world offering a style of relationship that is inclusive and free and is a source of freedom. Ratio n. 53

Easter experience is powerful and life-bringing. Schooled by the passion of Christ we are prepared to make sacrifices undergoing hardships and suffering supported by the love of Christ. And in that process the resurrecting grace of Jesus continues to touch people making them passionately optimistic to do something in return. We are called to be brothers of the people who witness to that resurrecting love and grace of Jesus in our communities. This grace promised by Jesus is within us. Pope Francis reminds us saying, “The joy of the Gospel is present in the heart and lives of those who are with Jesus.” So let us continue to ask for the down pouring of the Holy Spirit within our hearts in silent contemplation, of God’s loving presence, in Jesus so that we don’t lose the spirit of Franciscan optimism and true joy that makes us brothers who wish good to all. This loving grace and Gospel joy will enable us to reach out to all people, cultures and contexts with intercultural sensibility, goodness and respect.

Optimistic Passion of the resurrecting grace to do something

Resurrection experience calls us Capuchins to respond, particularly now, this indwelling power of the Holy Spirit inspires us to work for a world of peace and harmony without war and violence. The same grace bringing Spirit of Jesus gives us optimism even in moments of despair to dream in faith for a good future of hope and blessings for all.

In His Name concrete witness at the periphery: Our Franciscan Capuchin brothers around the world witness to this optimism bringing grace at the peripheries in opening our friaries for the Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, Poland, Cracovia, around Europe, in the  Houses of Peace serving the needy in the US, in the JPIC units of Brazil, India, Africa and Asia.

Yes Jesus is busy now through us in touching and transforming the human hearts to build a common humanity of brotherhood, peace, respect, sharing and communities of care.

Recharged with Jesus’ resurrecting love and goodness, wherever we may be, let us go out and share peace, hope and love to all. Happy Easter.



Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey OFMCap

General Secretariat for Formation