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updated 4:57 PM UTC, May 7, 2024

Schola Fratrum: Preparation of Ratio Formationis Localis

PACC’s Formators Meeting in Pontianak


“We must arrange this kind of meeting more often in the future,” said a formator at the end of Pacific-Asia Capuchin Conference’s Formators Meeting, which took place at the retreat house of St. Francis of Assisi in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Yes, 26 Capuchin formators came from 3 provinces (Philippines, Pontianak and Medan), 4 custodies (Korea, Malaysia-Singapore, Sibolga and Nias) and 1 delegate (Thailand) shared the same feeling and eagerness.

During 10 days, from November 21st till 30rd, 2022, these formators, under guidance of Br. Charles Alphonse and Br. Jaime from the General Secretary of Formation in Rome, worked hard to perceive the content of Ratio Formationis Ordinis in the light of local cultural context and concrete situation in respective circumscriptions. All brothers tried to point out Capuchin concrete values, nowadays challenges and real opportunities in order to create a Ratio Formationis Localis in PACC.

They read, reflected and discussed wholeheartedly all questions proposed by Br. Charles and Br. Jaime, concerning each stage of Capuchin formation: initial formation (postulancy, novitiate and post-novitiate) and ongoing formation. Quite often the group discussion and the assembly became “hot” sessions where brothers expressed themselves lively. The hottest issue was undoubtedly the post-novitiate stage, where some circumscriptions found big difficulties to apply and to adapt the ideal of formation of Capuchin charism ruled in RFO to their long-established actual formation practice in their jurisdictions.

In order to relaxing the nerve, at weekend all brothers had several excursions and outskirts trip, i.e.: visiting a post-novitiate formation house, the cultural visit to the Equator Tower, visitation to a Capuchin rehabilitation centre for disabled persons, and celebrating the Sunday mass in a Capuchin parish together our General Minister Br. Roberto Genuin, OFMCap. which was currently doing his visitation in Province of Pontianak. Other joyful activities were to visit the new-built Cathedral, having tea-time together in one Capuchin fraternity, an evening sailing and dinner on a boat upon the longest river in Indonesia, Kapuas River and an outskirts trip to Rumah Pelangi (“Rainbow House”), the conservation project of JPIC Pontianak to save the forest in West Kalimantan.

At the conclusion session, all participants strongly proposed two concrete recommendations to all respective major superiors, i.e.: to create a collaborative Capuchin reflection-centre at PACC level to apply the contents of RFO in diverse local cultures and urging their respective major-superiors to prepare enough number of competent-professional Capuchin formators for each stage of Capuchin formation. Those two recommendations were brought into light immediately and directly to all PACC Major Superiors by Br. Paulus Toni Tantiono, OFMCap., the PACC’s International Counselor of Formation, which participated in both meetings (PACC’s Formators Meeting and PACC’s Major Superior Meeting).

Report by: Br. Paulus Toni Tantiono, OFMCap.