Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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Historical Institute

In order to facilitate the use of archives and libraries in Rome, the "College of Assisi" sought and obtained permission to transfer to Rome, at via Sicilia 159. Between 4th and 10th November 1940 it was precariously housed in the premises of the General Hospice, in the via Romagna wing. Temporarily, it also remained without a library and without a Franciscan Museum. In order to avoid confusion with the name of the International College of St. Lawrence, the "College of Assisi" changed its name to the Capuchin Historical Institute.

With the transfer of the General Curia from Via Boncompagni to its present site at Via Piemonte 70, the Historical Institute was set up in the summer of 1953 in some of the rooms of the former Curia, on the third floor of Via Boncompagni. During the months of July and August 1968 it moved to its present site on the Circumferential highway around Rome (GRA) (Grande Raccordo Anulare km 65).

The Historical Institute is an international fraternity, immediately dependent on the General Minister, and as such is regulated by the Constitutions and by its own Statute. According to the Statute (1995), its aim is two-fold:

  • To engage in scientific research and publications in the Franciscan field, especially relating to the Capuchin Order;
  • To promote, within its possibilities, cultural initiatives relating to the life of the Capuchin Order

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