Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 8:13 PM UTC, Feb 7, 2023

Letter of the Minister General

Prot. N. 00053/23 To all the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters “The Son of God Has Become for Us the Way” (St. Clare, Testament, No. 5) Dear Sisters, May the Lord give you peace!             In light of the centenaries that we are celebrating as a Franciscan Family, and…

BICI n. 369

The new BICI, n. 369 - February 2023, has been published.

Official website for the Franciscan Centenary

The Franciscan centenary is a journey that we have decided to begin in order for the entire Franciscan family throughout the world to celebrate together the 800th anniversary of Saint Francis' Easter and the culminating events of the last years of his life. Said Centenary…

Meeting of the Commission for the Lawrence of Brindisi Project

On January 7th and 8th at the General Curia, a meeting of the Commission for the St. Lawrence of Brindisi Project was held following the results of the meeting in Czestochowa last 2021 and after visits to the local fraternities that members of the Commission have lived…

Franciscan Centenary

The inauguration of the Franciscan Centenary at the Sanctuary of Greccio in the presence of the 6 General Ministers of the Franciscan Family. 

Letter of the Minister General

We begin the journey by celebrating in 2023 the centenary of the conception of the Nativity Crib in Greccio and the approval of the Rule; then the reception of the sacred stigmata in 2024; the Canticle of the Creatures in 2025 and the Easter of…

Merry Christmas brothers

Dear Brothers, Greetings to everyone! I am a little late this year in sending my greetings; I don’t know if they will be able to get the translations done by Christmas Day, the reason being that I just returned yesterday from an intensive and interesting…
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