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updated 9:17 AM UTC, Jun 12, 2024

The Annual Retreat

Frascati (Rome). Each year the fraternity of the General Curia participates in an annual retreat. This year they were invigorated by the preaching of Br. Hayden Williams OFMCap from the Province of Malta.

The theme of the retreat was: "You will receive the strength of the Holy Spirit, who will descend upon you, and you will bear witness to me" (Acts 1:8) - Evangelizers in the Spirit. This theme was chosen as a preparation for the friars for the next PCO, which will have as its theme the missionary aspect of the Order, and also because - as preached by the retreat director - this is the message that the Holy Spirit is sending forth today to the Church and to us Capuchin Friars. During his meditations, Friar Hayden guided participants into coming face to face with God as evangelizers.

The friars gathered in our house for ongoing formation in Frascati, near Rome. They met twice a day from Sunday evening until Friday lunch (8-13 March) to hear the conferences, and also celebrated daily the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the hours together.

The beauty of the Frascati grounds, the surrounding ambiance and the silence brought reassurance during a time of distraction due to the spread of the Coronavirus; meanwhile focusing one’s perception of the subtle voice of God speaking to the heart.

Br. Hayden is well known in the world of preaching. Despite his young age, he has already preached in several countries around the world in English, Italian and Maltese.

We invite you to visit Br. Hayden’s site at


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