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St. Veronica Giuliani

Our Capuchin Franciscan spirituality enjoys a rich heritage starting with the life and spirituality of our founders: St. Francis and St. Clare. But over the years, the Lord has also conferred on our Order new saints and mystics, whose life and work have had a profound influence on today's spirituality. One of these rich and beautiful characters is the Italian mystic, the Capuchin Poor Clare and stigmatist - St. Veronica Giuliani (1660-1727). Her spirituality and her writings are a treasury for contemporary researchers, but not only for them. They are also a source of inspiration for today’s friars and sisters and all followers of Francis and Clare who are in search of God’s grace and providence through life.

St. Veronica left thousands of pages of manuscript, spiritual and mystical notes as a personal legacy; they are a rich resource for those who seek God designs, even today. Her own works as well as other studies dedicated to her have been translated into many languages.

Thus, we invite you on a virtual journey to the places of her life. Located in the Marche region of central Italy is Mercatello sul Metauro – her hometown where she grew up and where her vocation matured. Today, on the site of her family’s house, there stands a convent of Capuchin nuns. There is a museum with various artifacts, including items from her childhood; and there also stands a church dedicated in her name. In this city, Veronica was baptized at the Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Paul, where the baptismal font (where she received the name Ursola) still stands today. All these places can be visited in the photo galleries and in three films that were shot there.

Another town thirty-five kilometers from Mercatello is Città di Castello. This is where St. Veronica spent her entire religious life, experienced mystical revelations and received the gift of stigmata. Having been the novice mistress as well as superior for many years, she influenced the spiritual development of the individual sisters and of the entire community. She entered her heavenly reward at the age of sixty-seven, of which fifty of those years were spent in this convent. Even today, Poor Clare nuns live a cloistered life here, observing the strict rule of life left by St. Clare. Numerous items are collected and displayed there that well document her life and spirituality.

In the photo and video galleries presented here, it is possible to "visit" the saint's monastery, the museum displaying the saint's relics and memorabilia, the cell where she spent time in solitude and received the stigmata, the choir where the nuns prayed, the garden of the monastery, and finally the location where she took her last breath.

We invite you to take this virtual pilgrimage to these places of St. Veronica’s life. We encourage you at the same time to access her various writings and to explore more deeply your own personal path to holiness through her legacy and example.

The materials presented in these photo galleries have been made available in high definition in our Capuchin Creative Commons. All photos were taken by our brother Paweł Teperski OFMCap and are available for legal use by all friars and sisters. Therefore, they can be lawfully employed in both printed materials and on websites aimed at promoting the life and spirituality of St. Veronica Giuliani.



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