Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 11:32 AM UTC, Mar 23, 2023

1st Preparatory Meeting for the Future Mediterranean Conference

From October 30 to November 1, the provincial ministers, custodes, delegates and guardians (of two houses of presence) of the future Mediterranean Conference met at our International College in Rome. In the presence of Minister General Br. Roberto Genuin, Vicar General Br. José Angel Torres and General Councilor for Italy Br. Francesco Neri, the meeting took place in a very relaxed and fraternal atmosphere. The friars had opportunity to get to know one other better, to present the concerns of their territories and lay the groundwork for the new Conference. In this regard, the assembly decided to set up a commission to facilitate the actual formation of the future Conference, composed of a coordinator, Br. Fabrizio Congiu, secretary of CIMPCap, and five members from each of the former conferences: Br. Abdallah Noufaily (ASMEN), Br. Ivan Scicluna (CENOC), Br. Leon Budau (CECOC), Br. Eduard Rey i Puiggròs (CIC), and Br. Gianpaolo Lacerenza (CIMPCap). The Assembly entrusted this commission with the task of preparing all that will be necessary to establish by September 2023 the new Mediterranean Conference that will consist of 21 provinces, 3 custodies, 3 delegations and 2 houses of presence. Dialogue on initial formation has already begun by the outlining of possible ways to proceed once the friars are contacted.

 Maps of the future Mediterranean Conference:

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