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updated 9:17 AM UTC, Jun 12, 2024

Br. Felice Cangelosi (1946-2023)

Br. Felice Cangelosi, former Definitor and Vicar General of the Order, died on the morning of July 5, 2023, in Taormina hospital where he had been hospitalized for a few days. The General Minister Br. Roberto Genuin and the friars of the General Curia join the brothers of the Province of Sicily in expressing gratitude to God for having given us this confrere and for the service he performed for the entire Order. Together we raise to the Father of Mercy a hymn of thanksgiving for the life and work of this brother of ours and express our deepest condolences for this loss to our Order. With our fraternal prayers and sincere gratitude, we assist our dearest Br. Felice as he goes to meet the Lord of Life, and we pray that he be granted the rewards promised to the faithful servants of the Gospel.

Br. Felice Cangelosi (1946-2023)

Br. Felice was born in Castelbuono (Diocese of Cefalù - Sicily) on January 10, 1946. He entered the novitiate on August 27, 1961, and made his perpetual vows on January 15, 1967; he was ordained a priest on April 4, 1970. In the Province of Messina, he served as provincial secretary (1977-1989), provincial definitor (1980-1983; 1986-1989), provincial vicar (1983-1986) and provincial minister (1989-1992/992-1995/2013-2019). In the years 1974-1977 he worked in the General Curia as Deputy Secretary for the Italian language. He was president of CIMPCap. in 1994 (interim) and vice president from 1991 to 1994. From 1995 to 2003 he served as personal secretary to the General Minister. Since 1996 he has also served as Secretary of the Conference of General Ministers of the Franciscan First Order and TOR. Br. Felice holds a diploma in archival and library sciences from the Vatican School of Diplomatic and Archival Paleography of the Vatican Secret Archives and the Vatican School of Library Science of the Vatican Apostolic Library, a degree in liturgical theology from the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy at the Pontifical University of St. Anselm in Rome. He was professor of liturgical theology at the St. Thomas Aquinas Theological Institute in Messina. He was elected Definitor General for Italy on June 24, 2003, he represented the General Council on the commission for renovating the International College and also for the General Curia's technical legal office. At the Order's 2006 General Chapter he was elected Vicar General. In 2007 he was appointed president of the commission for the revision of our standards of legislation, a service to which Br. Felice dedicated himself with perseverance, tenacity and competence, giving many hours of his time not only during the common sessions but also working personally outside of them. Thank you, Brother Felice!

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