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updated 10:33 AM UTC, Mar 1, 2024

2023 New Ministers Meeting

During the week of June 26 to July 2, 2023, the General Curia organized a period of training and fraternal sharing for twenty-six new provincial ministers and custodes from around the entire Capuchin Order in Frascati, Rome. According to the Vicar General, Br. José Ángel Torres Rivera, the seminar aimed to “instruct the Provincial Ministers and Custodes in the service they must render in their circumscriptions. By meeting with the General Minister and his Council, as well as with the various departments of the General Curia, the ministers are offered an opportunity for learning about all the areas and concerns that affect their ministry of animating the brothers.”

            During the week, various themes pertaining to the work of a minister were presented: formation in the Order, the figure and role of the provincial minister/custos, authority and obedience, the General Power of Attorney, and priorities for one’s own circumscription. There was also opportunity to both discuss various challenges of the Order in our modern world, and even more importantly, to reflect on the role of the minister “to make himself available to walk with the brothers” whom he is called to serve. The meeting concluded on Sunday, July 2nd with a pilgrimage to Assisi where the ministers and custodes celebrated the Eucharist at the Tomb of St. Francis.



Incontro Nuovi Ministri 2023

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