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updated 4:51 PM UTC, Apr 18, 2024

Inter-Franciscan Virtual Course on Missionary Formation for Europe

By mandate of the General Ministers OFM, OFMConv and OFMCap, the Secretariats for Evangelization and Mission are organizing an online course on “Current Evangelization in Europe: A New Evangelization? The Franciscan Contribution.” The goal is to revive, reflect upon, update and animate Franciscan evangelization in Europe today.

Since the Franciscans were born, they have participated very significantly in the evangelization of Europe. With our distinctive charism, the Order of Minors has always responded with great generosity and creativity to ecclesial needs in different times and contexts. Today, too, the Church counts on our cooperation. We must be attentive and seek together to give our best in these very difficult times.

To attend the meeting, one must access the link provided below and fill out the form. To encourage greater participation, we ask that guardians register by fraternity and where this is not possible, register individually. The meeting will be conducted in Italian with simultaneous translation into English, French, Spanish, Polish and Croatian. We ask all provincials, custodes, delegates and guardians to motivate their friars to participate, and also to provide the technical means in advance for facilitating a proper participation for all.


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