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updated 3:16 PM UTC, Apr 12, 2024

The International Fraternities of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

The Saint Lawrence of Brindisi International Fraternities are a reality that has develop in our Order to revive the flame of the Capuchin charism. A very significant journey has already been made, but many challenges still remain.

To continue this journey, a meeting of the Saint Lawrence of Brindisi International Fraternities was held in Assisi from September 4 to 9, 2023. More than 40 brothers participated, the majority of whom came from the eight Saint Lawrence of Brindisi International Fraternities of Europe. The meeting was also attended by a number of Provincial Ministers, Delegates or friars interested in this project  which began a few years ago. 

The purpose of the meeting was to animate the Fraternities in the continuous revitalization of the Capuchin charism, especially, in its 4 cardinal points: life in fraternity, minority, prayer and apostolate - mission. Aided by a speaker each day of the week, the participants deepened each of the cardinal points of our life.

Upon taking stock, the friars who participated in the meeting described it as "an important occasion to understand identity as a project in which the challenges are a part of all the fraternities but the goal remains to live the charism in the spirit of minority, in contemplation and apostolate" through fraternal sharing among friars from different Circumscriptions. 

This year's meeting in Assisi was enriched by the presence of the Minister General, Br. Roberto Genuin, and the Councilor responsible for the Saint Lawrence International Fraternities, Br. Pio Murat.

We offer you the text of four lectures shared with the participating friars during the meeting in Assisi. May they also enrich you/your reflection and journey of rediscovering the values of our Capuchin charism.


La vita di preghiera-Marek-Assisi 2023-EN

La vita di preghiera-Marek-Assisi 2023-IT

La vita fraterna-Raffaele-Assisi-2023-EN

La vita fraterna-Raffaele-Assisi-2023-IT

La vita in minorita-Mauro-Assisi-2023-EN

La vita in minorita-Mauro-Assisi-2023-IT

La vita in missione-Mariosvaldo-Assisi-2023-EN

La vita in missione-Mariosvaldo-Assisi-2023-IT


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