Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 6:48 AM UTC, Oct 22, 2021

Learning to live in the digital world

ROME, Italy, January 10, 2015. – Life is full of challenges, and it is just this that makes it beautiful. Formation is what makes us able to transform threats into opportunities. Without realizing it, we are ever more immersed in the digital world. What are the challenges that we are called to face?

This past January 10 in our General Curia, the General Ministers of the Franciscan family, together with the directors of communication and the secretaries of formation, animated by Salesian sister Caterina Cangià, reflected on the use of the new means of communication in our religious life.

We have before us a journey to make. The construction of our identity is at stake, which today more than ever faces a new conception of time and space, with deep consequences for the way we relate to each other. And, as always, our fraternal life presents itself as the verifying criterion of discernment. Let us take advantage of everything that helps us to improve our communication, without forgetting the risks, which aren't few, that can bring on the individualism that distances us from God, from our brothers, and from the men and women of our time. Let us learn to meet one another on the Web in order to expand the bounds of our fraternal life and to better serve the Gospel!

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