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updated 9:58 AM UTC, Jun 13, 2024

The meeting of CCMSI

CCMSI (Capuchin Conference of Major Superiors of India) held their meeting on August 28 and 29, 2019 at the FISI (Institute of Franciscan Spirituality in India) in Bangalore. The conference includes 12 provinces, 2 provincial custodies, and 5 provincial delegations. All the ministers and the General Councilor of the region, were present at the meeting. Also at the meeting were Br. Paul Koenig, the Custos of Arabia; Br. Charles Alphonse, Secretary General of Formation; Br. Carlo Calloni, the General Postulator; and Br. Antoine Haddad, his collaborator. The General Postulators also had a meeting with the Vice Postulators of six circumscriptions of the Conference, because there are six causes underway for canonization in the provinces of the conference. They concern: Venerable Anastasius Hartmann, (PR St. Fidelis, North India); the Servants of God: Br. Theophane (PR St. Francis, Kerala), Br. Joseph Thamby (PR Andhra Pradesh-Orissa), Br. Armond (PR Pavanatma, Kerala), Br. John Peter (PR Northern Tamil Nadu), and Br. Alfred Roche (PR Karnataka).

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