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Meeting of the Conference Presidents

The Presidents of the Conferences of the Order met at the General Curia in Rome from September 14 to 16, 2016, on the topic, Towards the General Chapter of 2018. After the opening greeting from the General Minister, the able presentation of the statistics by Br. Mark Schenk highlighted the growth and diminishment of the friars in the various areas of the Order. Over the three days, the Presidents and the General Council discussed various topics:

  • Fraternal collaboration between circumscriptions: where we are;
  • The Ratio formationis;
  • Guidelines on the protection of minors;
  • Questions regarding the International College;
  • Juridical questions;
  • The carrying out of PCO VIII;
  • Topics for the 2018 Chapter.

The principal purpose of the meeting was to confirm together with the Presidents how the General Minister and his Council had carried out the mandate of the last General Chapter and to ask the Conferences to formulate the subjects that they would like to see treated at the next General Chapter in 2018.

Video – Meeting of the Conference Presidents

The Conferences and the Presidents:

ASMEN, Assemblée des Supérieurs Majeurs Méditerranée Nord-Est - fr. Paul Koenig
CCA, Conferencia Capuchina Andina - fr. Ramón Morillo Morale,
CCB, Conferência dos Capuchinhos do Brasil - fr. Francisco De Assis Barreto
CCMSI, Capuchin Conference of Major Superiors in India - fr. Chinnu Polisetty
CECOC, Conferentia Europae Centro-Orientalis OFMCap - fr. Andrzej Kiejza
CENOC, Conferentia Europae Nordico-Occidentalis Capuccinorum - fr. Adrian Curran
CIC, Conferencia Ibérica de Capuchinos - fr. Benjamín Echeverría
CIMPCAP, Conferenza Italiana Ministri Provinciali Cappuccini - fr. Francesco Colacelli
CONCAM, Conferencia de Capuchinos de América Central y México - fr. David Beaumont
CONCAO, Conferentia Capuccinorum Africae Occidentalis - fr. Afonso André Nteka
EACC, Eastern Africa Capuchin Conference - fr. Thomas Zulu
NAPCC, North America Pacific Capuchin Conference - fr. Francis Gasparik
PACC, Pacific-Asia Capuchin Conference - fr. Eugenio Lopez

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