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updated 11:08 AM UTC, Dec 8, 2023

BICI n. 378

Peace and good! The new BICI, n. 378 - November 2023, has been published. It can be downloaded from the website or viewed directly via the link below. Fraternally, Br. Francisco Castillo OFMCapCommunications Office

Provincia del Madagascar

Provincia del Madagascar MP: fr. Lalao Soa Adonis Tsiarify VP: fr. Pierre Arnaud Bienvenu Herinjatovo 2C: fr. Sévérin Lesoko 3C: fr. Abel Rasolonjatovo Andriantantely 4C: fr. Maurice Nogny Eletti: 27/10/2023 Luogo: Couvent St-Laurent de Brindes, Ambohimalaza. Madagascar Presidente: fr. Kilian Ngitir, Consigliere Generale

Convocation of General Chapter LXXXVI- 2024

Dear Brothers,  Time is passing quickly and the term of service to the Order entrusted to me in 2018 is drawing to a close. It is therefore time for us to come together again to assess what we've experienced, how the Lord has worked with…

Provincia di New Jersey, USA- Elezione

Provincia di New Jersey, USA MP: fr. Robert Williams VP: fr. Robert Perez 2C: fr. Francisco Arredondo 3C: fr. Praveen Kumar Thuraka 4C: fr. Miguel Ramirez Eletti: 11-12/10/2023 Luogo: San Alfonso Retreat House, Long Branch, New Jersey, USA Presidente: fr. Celestino Arias, Consigliere Generale
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