Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 8:13 PM UTC, Feb 7, 2023

Relationship with the mysterious God

(A book to read on mystical spiritual journey)

Here is the Short synthesis of the book “Looking Over His Shoulder,” by Br. Lester knoll Ofm Cap from Borromeo Seminary, US. Br. Lester is one of our inspiring elder brothers of the Order who accompanies Capuchin brothers and others with spiritual accompaniment. It is an inspirational piece of work which could motivate our spiritual life. This book is the fruit of more than 30 years of spiritual search and accompaniment. He defines mystical prayer as “a heart to heart communing between the soul and its Spouse in prayer of purely spiritual nature. Reflection and emotions are not the staple of it. The soul desired, not thought about God, but union with God, and maintains itself in peace and calm, as enjoying a loving communication with Him. It is the Holy Spirit praying in the soul, and the soul concurs in loving consent (Rom 8:22-27).”
In this book one could find his heart trying to reach the mind and heart of God in a very spontaneous Franciscan way. The following are his reflections on his book.
Each person is called to an relationship with the mysterious God of the universe. Because the relationship is “myserious” or “mystical” man do not recognise the Lord when the Holy Spirit touches the person in some way in ordinary life in order to catch his attention.
Look upon this book as a sort of “case study”. The reader is encouraged to look over God’s shoulder in order to catch some idea of how the Holy Spirit has worked in one person’s life. Upon reflection, the reader might very well be able to identify God’s mysterious presence in his own life.
Mystical Prayer and Capuchin Formation
Often personal experience is the best way to communicate now the mystical intertwines with formation. Some time ago I was doing spiritual direction via e-mail with a young man discerning religious life with the Capuchins. This transcript catches the interplay between the mystical and Capuchin Formation.
Br. Lester Knoll Ofm Cap

(You will find those reflections in Pdf format attached here)

“Looking over His shoulder” has been translated into Spanish (Latin American Spanish) =
“Mirando por encima de su hombro” by Judith Garcia-Quismodo Ph,D and Juan-Pedro Reyna, M.S.

His email: [email protected]