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updated 4:57 PM UTC, May 7, 2024

Experiencing Jesus

Ongoing Formation Course in Spanish & Portughese
03-28th July 2017

It was a time of experiencing Jesus in the Land of the Word, Archeological Visit, Pilgrimage, Biblical Study, update in theology and personal growth. Nine capuchin brothers along with one Spanish Professor participated in this four weeks ongoing formation course.
In the first two weeks Br. Rosendo was inspiring them with his lively charismatic skills of pilgrimage and humour filled spiritual interpretations. Br. Yunus added scientific touch to those days with his archeological insights.
Br. Carlos Gil a systematic theologian enlightened the participants with his sessions on the Pauline Theology and Christology. Br. Victor Herrero our Biblical Scholar was inspirational with the study on the book of Job, Psalm and reflections on the other texts of the Bible applying it to our present life context. On the fourth week they also had the Inner healing and Spiritual integration sessions with Br. Charles Alphonse which included therapeutic meditations.
The Fraternity of Jerusalem with the leadership of Br. Kevin Gonsalves was very fraternal and hospitable to make our brothers feel at home.

The Specialty of the group was that among the participants Br. Nikolaus Kuster a renowned Franciscan Theologians of our time, Br. Helmut our former General Secretary for Solidarity and other experienced Capuchin missionaries. The participants desired that others also have a chance to experience what they have seen and experienced in the land of Jesus.