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updated 6:22 AM CEST, Aug 6, 2020

African Capuchins Discuss about Ratio- Addis Ababa – 5-9th Feb 2018 (Part-I)


Continental Meeting for the Ratio

The third Continental Meeting at Addis Ababa had the 27 Friars of African Continent gathered to discuss about the Annex documents of the Ratio and formative realities of the two conferences of Africa (EACC & CONCAO).

It gave the participants possibility to share their formative experiences, insights and discuss together various possible responses. Living together in a fraternal way, common prayers, listening to the inspirational talks on Cultural Heritage of Africa, Affective Psycho-sexual maturity, and Ratio Studiorum and group discussions brought them together as one Franciscan Capuchin Family.

Inaugural address was given by Br. Norbert Solodrazana our General Councilor for Africa. “Let it be a time of ‘Efrata’ a opening and a possibility to be sensitive to the richness of God’s grace and our diversity as Capuchin brothers. This is a God given time for us to share our reflections and formative experiences so that the Ratio preparations will be enriched by lived in experiences,” was the invitation of him. He was very appreciate of the work done by the Formation Council Members.
Br. Yohannes Wessen, the Custodian in his reflection during the mass on 6th thanked the participants for their presence, invited them to enjoy the hospitality of the brothers of the Custody and reminded them about the value of coming together as brothers from different cultures but living the same Capuchin Charism. He was also very thoughtful in animating all the preparations done for the sessions. Br. Tilaye Alemshet extended a helping hand by conducting the inaugural prayer sessions on 5th February with a fraternal felicitation and led the friars into prayer.

Br. Kilian Ngitir the International Councilor for Africa moderated the whole meeting. He made the sessions lively through his deep insights, wit and wisdom. He called for attention to be focused on the theme of each day and contribute one’s reflections in the group so that Ratio text could be enriched with formative experiences of African Continent and its rich cultural diversity.

Br. Daniel Assefa inspired the participants everyday explaining a particular text of the Bible connected to the theme of the day. Being an experienced Biblical Scholar he was able to bring new reflections and challenges that the Bible offers us.

Three Inputs
-6th February: Video talk by Br. Mauro Johri our General Minister on Interculturality and our need to be open to the cultural heritage of our reality, the history of transmission of the Gospel in a Capuchin way and the rich diversity of the friars of the Order. Br. Mauro with his rich experiences of accompanying so many friars of the order was able to give many concrete examples of cultural diversity and our need to be open and realistic.

-7th February: Br. Charles Alphonse presented the theme on Affective Maturity basing it on history, Anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, Biblical Theology and Franciscan Capuchin traditions.

8th February: Br. Jaime Rey explained on Ratio Studiorum pertaining to the various stages of formation. Now the need to update our formative methodology based on the insights of the Ratio and making it participatory.