Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 1:39 PM CEST, Jul 19, 2019

Become Co-creators of the goodness of God

Goodness of God

“We all need to become aware of the goodness of the Creator God who manifests that in varied forms,” was the reflection of Br. Mauro our General Minister during the Mass this morning. Our heart has to be open to that goodness so that we are able to respond freely from the heart. More often we are filled with past unhealed wounds and hurts that make us reacting people.

There are moments when we may lose optimism due to the continued exposure to exploitation coming from different persons and situations. Those negative affective memories are to be taken care of by making inner journey, listening to the mind to what does it say and to the heart. Many don’t follow the thoughts of their mind, where as Bible says (Mt 7,21), there could be countless harming thoughts and vengeance creating impulses. Inner healing of those frozen thoughts could make our affective life meaningful, one could experience and transmit fraternal love to all.

Goodness of God can be experienced in the love that we receive in varied ways. Some are blessed with extra goodness in their family of origin others may find later. We wish that you all receive enough love and experience the generous goodness of the Creator in our lives. And let you also become co-creators of that goodness which leads to generosity and caring of all, particularly the needy. In our Br. Mauro our General Minister, we found a person full of paternal goodness.
Brs. Charles Alphonse & Jaime Rey Ofm Cap
General Secretariat for Formation