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updated 3:40 PM UTC, Dec 4, 2023

We are called to work hard and love

May 1st, It is a day that inspires us about the value of hard work. We all need to do our best even trying our limits sometimes to do our duty and achieve something valuable and noble. Wherever we are, we can contribute our best to transform this world into a lovely and safe home for all.

We Christians remember Saint Joseph the loving daddy of Jesus the Divine Master. He was silent, hardworking and affectionate. Br. Francesco Neri Ofm Cap, said the following in his homily today: St. Joseph would have used the same hands to do the wooden and other works and the same hands would have embraced Jesus his beloved son. He is great because he learned to love his wife Mother Maria and was a good husband. He was also available to Jesus his little son who might have lovingly called him for the first time: Abba.

Using God given wisdom let us do our duty and become integral instruments of peace, growth and joy.

Thanks to Br. Evarist Mkwama Ofm Cap for sharing this lovely photo
Brs. Charles Alphonse & Jaime Rey Ofm Cap
General Secretariat for Formation