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aktualizacja 9:17 AM UTC, Jun 12, 2024

Capuchin way of life attracts!

39 Brothers ( Indonesia - 23, India - 11, Gulf - 2, Australia - 2 and Pakistan - 1) have come together for the Heritage Programme from 20th July to 8th August 2015 conducted at Assisi and other Franciscan places in and around Italy.

It is a very good opportunity for the brothers belonging to different jurisdictions and conferences to come together and experience the Capuchin brotherhood. Indonesian & English are the language used for the animation of these brothers.

Visit to the Franciscan historical places with a reflection brings alive the spirit of our Father St. Francis and Mother Clare. Brothers were touched by the simplicity and the wisdom of our founder. Assisi speaks louder joining the animators who bring alive the history of our origin and its relevance by their deeper insights and story-telling. In and around Assisi, Celle di Cortona, Monte Casale, La Verna, Camerino, Loreto, San Givanni Rotondo and Rome were some of the places visited during their visits.

Brs. Divakar, Christi, Jaime Rey and Charles Alphonse were the animators.Br. Ben Brever did a great service of translating the session into Indonesian. Brothers are also invited to make an inner journey to discover the areas that need improvement and healing sessions help them to heal their core-issues.

Vocation Story-telling: Sharing about one's vocation story is a very touching moment. It gives opportunity to get to know the world of our brothers coming from different context. "Capuchin do the work that others would hesitate to do and that is why I am attracted to this way of life," "I never thought that I would be a capuchin but that invitation from the vocation promoter motivated me to join," "I had personal talk for three days with the Director as I was undergoing a crisis and after that I gained confidence to be a Capuchin." These were some of the wonderful expressions during the personal moments of Vocation Story-telling. We are going to publish some of them separately in our blog.

Gratitude, faith renewal, universal brotherhood experience, praying meaningfully and appreciation of Capuchin way of life are the joyful echoes from the participants. They want others also to experience this.