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updated 3:40 PM UTC, Dec 4, 2023

Ongoing Formation Course Insight - Dar Es Salaam 2016

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Br. Wolfgang the Minister Provincial of Tanzania was with us a few days encouraging the brothers. In his talk to the formators he reflected about the 'Presence of Catholic Church in Africa & that of Capuchins.' He also referred to the gradual growth that enabled the local African brothers to take up the animation and serve the Mother Church effectively.

"Capuchin Presence in many parts are very young. It is only around 25 years. Young ones despite the blessings, have also the challenges. We undergo a period of transition according to me. But how are we prepared ? This is the question. Are we able to stand like our predecesors? To have local friars who have the international understanding and mind. We have to maintain our Capuchin Identity which is universal. We have to form a friars in our own environment," were his inspirational words.

Br. Gaudence Aikarawa, our International Councilor for Formation for EACC, in his sharing noted that the Africa Formators have to update and learn what is going on around. We are not contemplatives alone but we should challenge the candidates to study well.
"Team work: people want to work alone with reasons known to them alone. Among our friars also there is a competition and it also challenges our formative fraternity: Others may know about what is going on around but the person facing the reality will not know what is happening locally. I have to work in such a way that my brothers are able to see what I do.
Sense of belonging also calls for a kind of response: We are also very slow with regard to the reality what is going on. Even for the ongoing formation meeting people respond very late.
Try to identify yourself with your ministry at this particular time it belongs to me. Help young people to be open beyond their jurisdiction. Challenge them to have reading habits."

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Started his animation with the personal sharing of his growth process from being a Lawyer, a Business man and a Capuchin.
Economy of the World: Pure command economy & Market Economy
3 Pillars of Capitalism: Capital Accumulation->Compettive market & Wage labour. In competitive market creates new needs in the hearts of people. We always want better things. If people are having hard times and how comes that billionaires number is increasing. When we open our draw at our room we may find many things that we may not need it immediately.
Who is poor?
$1.25 cents a day is said to be poor by World Bank in 2005.
$37.50 cents a month
What could motivate us to be simple and motivated?
In order to be motivated we have to keep the missionary zeal in mind. We have to be in touch with the people, especially the places where no one likes to go. Most often we keep our needs in mind forgetting the needs of the people. The more we are in touch with the people, we become simpler in our living. If we are giving up missionary initiatives with the excuse that we lack funds for the missions then we are mistaken. Keeping in mind the challenges of today we have to become accountable and set clear goals to arrive at a fraternal economy following the directives of General Curia.

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Br. Jaime Rey briefed them about the preparations for the Ratio and invited the participants to take active part in it. The responses to the Questionnaire on Ratio is very positive and a good number of our friars express their desire to have a Ratio for the Order. He also inspired the brothers on Franciscan Christology, Anthropology and Contemplation.

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According to Br. Kilian Nigitir, Vocational discernment and accompaniment are important aspects in formation . He touched various aspect like local cultural influence, family background and its demands, and helping the brothers develop Capuchin Franciscan Identity in African Continent with diverse language and ethnic background.

Inner Journey to Spiritual Integration
Starting with personal Inner Journey the formators were helped by Br. Charles Alphonse to identify the 'Core-issues of life' that may influence the present life. And then through healing sessions and meditation one is invited to reconcile with the pass, become aware of the enormous potentials within and grow into Spiritual Integration seeking the Grace of God.

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The participants expressed gratitude to Br. General and his Council for the initiatives they have taken to bring together the formators from both the conferences of Africa (EACC & CONCAO) for this Formators Training and Ongoing Formation course in Tanzania. They also wished that all the formators have the possibility to renew and prepare themselves like this.

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We hope to invite the Major Superiors of Africa to further encourage primarily, the participation of the Formators and others.