Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 3:02 PM UTC, Apr 1, 2023

Segretariato generale per la evangelizzazione

General Secretariat for Missionary Evangelization, Animation and Cooperation

This service aims to help the Capuchin Order to be ever more attentive to the Lord's mandate to proclaim the Gospel to all people and all over the world (see Const. 176.4). We are a missionary order and we cannot overlook this characteristic without disfiguring our identity.

This Secretariat is entrusted to the direct service of a friar who must be attentive to our many modes of evangelization and missionary activity, and therefore contributes to the general government of the Order with suggestions that can be helpful for an adequate and timely animation of the Capuchin apostolate in the world. Meanwhile, he must take into account our charismatic values, ensuring that our missions are imbued with a fraternal sense of minority and with a strong aspect of contemplation.

In addition, he must collaborate with the secretariats of the circumscriptions so that they: constantly stimulate the brothers to be authentic and creative evangelizers in all circumstances; help and encourage friars to become disposed to going forth as missionaries; organize activities with the laity that can support our missions; and, wherever possible, especially among young people, carry out missionary experiences within our territories.

This secretariat must pay particular attention to the implantation of the Church in the territories entrusted by the Holy See to our Order and also to take part in implanting the Order wherever we are present, especially in our most recent establishments.

Other typical activities of this secretariat are: to work with missionaries so that formation may always be at the horizon of the mission; to offer missionaries the opportunity to be adequately and constantly trained; to stimulate and to give witness to the collaboration of friars between circumscriptions; to work with the creation of the international "San Lorenzo" fraternities, particularly those in other continents; to encourage the Order in places of great secularization to be protagonists of the new evangelization and not resign to pastoral conservatism; to awaken, encourage and guide the friars present on social networks and new communication technologies, and to do so by virtue of our charism since the virtual world is a great mission territory ...

In a word, everything related to evangelization and the mission can be referred to this secretariat.

The current head of the mission secretariat is Br. Mariosvaldo Florentino. He is Brazilian, from Santa Catarina, and for 16 years has been a missionary in Paraguay, the custody to which he belongs. For any need: [email protected].

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